Staying healthy isn’t only about exercising your body, but about exercising your brain as well. The brain is an amazing organ composed of billions of cells that send signals from head to toe. It controls everything from basic functions like breathing and heartbeat to the way we react to pleasure and pain to our ability to remember both complex mathematical equations and a simple grocery list.

Not all brain injuries involve a blow to the head or lesion. Our brain can be injured even when nothing comes into contact with your head. Most of us go through our lives (working, playing, eating, socializing ) without giving much thought to how our lifestyles affect our brains. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. This article talks about our 10 everyday activities and how they can lead to brain damage. 

Smoking is dangerous and almost everyone knows it.


Experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is no joke.


The brain needs constant supply of oxygen.


It may also reduces the body’s efficacy and weaken the immune system.


It may also increase the risk of suffering from heart attacks or strokes.


Reading a book or searching through a word search stimulates the brain.


Eating too much refined sugars, processed foods, white flour etc. promotes accumulation of harmful substances in our body.


This can also relieve you from stress.


you need about 8 hours of sleep for your brain to rest and for metabolic processes to properly take place.


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…healthy foods, healthy lives.


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