Many people love garden eggs(eggplant) and are very familiar with the garden egg which looks like a pear and is purple. However, there are many varieties of garden plants in several parts of the globe. It comes in different colors (purple, white, yellow, green), shapes and sizes. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Its other names include eggplant, aubergine, guinea squash and brinjal. The garden egg plant has numerous health benefits which are essential for the overall development of the human body. Read on and let us find out the great benefits we get from this wonder plant.


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Helps You Lose Weight

If you are watching your weight or you would like to lose a few kgs or lbs, garden eggs are a very fantastic way to do so. Lifestyle experts confirm that when it comes to weight management and loss, dietary fibers are one of the most important factors because they act as “bulking agents” in the digestive system. The compounds in garden egg do not only increase satiety, they also reduce appetite. Observation has also shown that eggplant, as it is also known, help reduce calorie intake by making a person feel fuller for a long time.


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Helps Ease Ulcers

Experts have disclosed that garden egg can help in the treatment of stomach ulcers. Garden eggs possess ulcer protective properties. So, if you suffer from stomach ulcers, you might want to try something more natural and fresh like garden eggs to ease it.


Good For The Brain

Garden egg is a source of nasunin, which is a powerful and rare antioxidant for the brain (1). This helps to protect the brain cell membranes from free radical cells that can destroy them. The abundance of B complex vitamins ensures good mental health and helps the body to fight stress.


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Lowers Blood Sugar

It is a great dietary option for diabetic patients because of its ability to reduce glucose absorption in the body and lower blood sugar levels. It also possesses low soluble carbohydrates, which assist in this regard.


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A Good Source for Iron

An iron deficiency can be harmful to one’s overall health, which can lead to anemia. People who suffer from this ailment often experience weakness, migraines, headaches and fatigue. A deficiency in iron can also cause cognitive issues such as confusion and memory loss. Garden eggs are rich in iron and can help combat anemia. Moreover, it is loaded with the mineral copper. Like iron, copper helps boost red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells boost energy and work to eliminate weakness, stress and fatigue.


Good For The Heart

Garden eggs are rich vitamin B1 and B6 (Thiamine and Niacin.) These vitamins are needed for growth and proper functioning of the heart. It is also rich in potassium, a salt that helps in regulating blood pressure.


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Reduces Bloating And Constipation


Garden egg also helps reduce bloating and constipation and aids digestion. The rich fiber content stimulates the bowels, which induces regular bowel movements. Consuming garden eggs will also help relieve various digestive problems like stomach aches, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.


Great During Pregnancy

Are you an expectant mother or do you know one? Well, garden egg is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which makes it an essential part of the daily ration of every pregnant woman. Given the fact that the fetus is taking much of the useful nutrients for itself, women often suffer from the lack of individual components in their body. So, eating this plant can be an excellent solution to such situations.


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Side Effects of Consuming Too Many Garden Eggs on Regular Basis


Can Stimulate Menstruation

Eggplant is diuretic in nature and because of this reason, pregnant women are advised not to consume it on a regular basis as it can stimulate menstruation in them.


May Cause Allergic Reactions

If you are allergic to eggplants, you may get rashes, nausea, and swelling and itchiness of the throat. The high potassium and fiber content in eggplants can also disrupt digestion if you have already had other foods rich in these.


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Not Good For Kidney Stone Patients

Because of their oxalates, eggplants are not good for kidney stone patients. They can also interact with antidepressants and give a false-positive result in carcinoid tumor tests.


Can Cause Spinach Poisoning

Eggplant is a good source of nitrates that naturally converts into nitrites in our stomach. Later, these nitrates react with amino acids of proteins and form  nitrosamines. These naturally converted nitrosamines are not unsafe for a healthy adult.However, cooking these nitrate-rich vegetables like eggplant and then allowing it to cool at room temperature, increases the rate at which bacterial enzymes work on it and converts nitrates to nitrites at a much faster rate. Food that is high in nitrites are hazardous for young infants and can give rise to “spinach poisoning”.



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