We all have been told, or read in an article before to drink more water.  Yes it is very necessary because the body uses water for almost every function; it carries oxygen and nutrients, protects organs, transports hormones, moistens tissues, regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, and uses it to eliminate toxins through the colon, skin, and bladder. 

But your biggest worry is, you can’t drink up to the recommended 8 glasses of water a day! You know what? Worry no more, here are 6 ways you can stay hydrated without drinking water but before that, how do you know you might need more water?

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 Urine color: when your pee is dark yellow instead of light yellow throughout your day. (Though some medications or medical condition can change urine color)

Dryness: dry lips, skin, eyes, and hair

Constipation: when you have no bowl movement for more than a day

Sweat: when you have little or no sweat.


Now that we know these, let’s go straight to how you can stay hydrated without drinking water.


Flavored Your Water

Have you ever taught of flavoring your own water at home? if you haven’t, give it a try. Just squeeze in some fresh lemon or lime juice or float cut fruit or herbs like mint, in your glass or water bottle. It’s visually appealing and a lot healthier than a super sweet soda or artificially flavored drink. 


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Tip: frozen fruit pieces actually work best here, because they release more flavor as they thaw.


Drink Tea or coffee

Yes, you read right coffee. Though it is a diuretic, a recent study debunks the myth that it causes dehydration(1). Drinking tea (green tea or black tea) whatever you like, has the same hydration effect as water (based on urine output four hours after drinking.) 


Eat Salad

There are lots of fruits and vegetables that actually have high water content. For example, cucumber has over 95 percent water! Other fruits and vegetables such as  cantaloupe, spinach, oranges, strawberries and watermelon are packed with water, as well. So whether you make a fruit salad or simply throw some extra veggies on top of your greens, you can eat to stay hydrated. 


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Enjoy a Bowl of Soup

From broth based soups to vegetable soups or chicken soups are all perfect for hydration. Sodium in a soup is one of the elements that makes it so effective at hydration, but if you are on a low-salt diet it will still do wonders without.


Drink  Coconut Water

There are lot of reasons why people like to drink coconut water. It is high in electrolytes, potassium and also extremely hydrating. Is there anything coconuts aren’t good for? Electrolytes are essential for replenishing and regulating body fluids. These electrolytes can also help keep you feeling alert and awake!  Here are more reasons why you should drink coconut water.

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Drink Milk

Go on and eat your cereal with milk–but not on an empty stomach. We all know that milk is a great way to get your calcium fix, but low fat milk or chocolate milk is a great way to keep the hydration levels up throughout the day.  


It is very important to practice these ways to stay hydrated without depending entirely on 8 glasses of water a day. According to Nicole Silber, “Our daily fluid requirement is not exclusive to water,”We can get in significant amounts of hydration from foods and other drinks.”


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