Do you know that hibiscus tea is very popular across the world and is often used as a medicinal tea? I bet you don’t. Just read through while we unravel the health benefits of this tea.

What Is Hibiscus Tea?

The hibiscus tea is popularly known in West Africa as a ”zobo drink”. It is a healthy beverage with international recognition. This drink is made from the calyx of edible hibiscus sabdariffa, not the one for flower vases. The tea is consumed worldwide which made it attract different names like, sorrel, karkade, Jamaica tea, gumamela, roselle drink by Caribbeans, and many other names. The greatest part of this tea is that it is very easy to prepare despite its numerous benefits.

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Why You Should Drink Hibiscus Tea?

Drinking hibiscus tea comes with a lot of health benefits you should know. So, let’s find out why it is good for your health first and then, how to prepare this tea in the comfort of your own home.

It Boosts Appetite

Fiber, carotene, iron and cyalcium and other important nutrients found in hibiscus flower increase appetite; it fights the loss of appetite and other eating disorders. It boosts digestion and prevents digestive issues that can affect appetite. It fights worms and bacteria in the gut and digestive system because it has antibacterial properties.

It Strengthens The Bones

Calcium is found in large amount in ”zobo leaves”, this helps to strengthen the bones and teeth and guard against osteoporosis and other bone problems. Calcium also benefits the heart and muscles; it helps them function properly. It prevents diseases of the teeth and bones.

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Reliefs Menstrual Pain

The health benefits of hibiscus tea include relief from cramps and menstrual pain. It helps in restoring hormonal balance as well, which can reduce the symptoms of menstruation like mood swings, depression, and overeating.

Reduces Cough And Cold

Hibiscus tea (zobo) is rich in vitamin C which helps to keep colds, flu, and cough at bay; this vitamin boosts the immune system and fortifies the body against these diseases and others. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which treat a cough and cold. Zobo drink also has a cooling effect on the body which helps to relieve the symptoms of these conditions.

It Prevents Fatigue

Zobo drink is rich in riboflavin; this is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body produce energy, this fight fatigue, and weaknesses.

It Boosts Vision

Zobo contains carotene which the body converts to vitamin A; this vitamin protects the eyes and supports healthy vision, it maintains healthy mucous membrane and prevents eye diseases related to aging.

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How Do I Prepare This Hibiscus Tea?

Zobo drink is very easy to make and there are many recipes for it and various ways people prepare it but we are going to show you how to make zobo with one of the best recipes we know. So for this recipe, below are the things you will need:

• A large pot
• A Juicer
• Dried hibiscus leaves
• Fresh or dried ginger roots
• 1 large pineapple
• Oranges Watermelon, cucumbers, apples and other fruits of your choice


• Set the pot that you will use in cooking the hibiscus.

• Quickly rinse the dried hibiscus leaves in a bowl of clean water before putting it in the pot, this is to remove dirt and dust particles on it.

• Blend the dried or fresh ginger roots and add to the hibiscus leaves in the pot.

• Wash and rinse your pineapple well before peeling; then add the bark or skin of the pineapple to the pot containing the hibiscus leaves and ginger.

• Pour water over this mixture; the water should cover it fully, then put the pot on the fire and let it boil.

• Whiles boiling, quickly juice the pineapple and oranges; you can mix the juices in a bowl.

• Then dice your fruits into small cubes; these include the watermelon, apples and cucumbers and any other fruit you want to be in your drink.

• Some people peel off the cucumbers but I don’t do that and I don’t encourage that because cucumber skins are rich in sulfur which is very good for the skin. It supports the production of collagen and makes the skin elastic and gives it a natural glow. I will advise you dice the cucumbers with the skin. You can remove the seeds but don’t throw them away because they are healthy; you can eat them.

• When your hibiscus leaves, pineapple skin are softened bring it down from the fire, sieve and discard the chaff.

• Leave it too cool; when it is cool, add the pineapple and orange juices to the hibiscus drink. You can also add the diced fruits and stir well with a wooden stick or long spoon.
Wow! Your healthy hibiscus tea is ready!

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• Note: You can put it in containers and store it in the fridge and take it regularly. You can take this drink without adding sugar, artificial sweeteners, and colorings. The pineapple and orange juices and the fruits added will sweeten it naturally; all these artificial sweeteners are not healthy and they make one gain weight and become obese. You can also add other fruit juices or herbs of your choice.

Side Effect of Drinking Too Much Hibiscus Tea

Side effects of taking too much hibiscus juice are uncommon but might include:
• Temporary stomach upset or pain, gas
• Constipation
• Nausea
• Painful urination
• Headache,
• Ringing in the ears or shakiness.
• Diabetes due to decrease blood sugar levels.

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