Last week, a friend visited me and was so surprised to see me eat 3 eggs together for breakfast. He began to tell me; “It is not good to eat more than 2 eggs together, eggs are unhealthy” blah blah blah. Little did he know, all that was just myth surrounding our dear egg.


In fact, eggs have been a breakfast staple from time immemorial for all good reasons? Yes, because an egg is a storehouse of vital nutrients (1), making them an integral part of a healthy diet.


For those of us who are afraid to eat this power food because we’re worried about putting on extra weight, well one egg contains about 80 calories and about five grams of healthy fat! (2) yes! If you can get your hands on pastured or Omega-3 enriched eggs, then these are even better. They have more Omega-3s and are much higher in Vitamin A and E (3, 4). Today let us dive into what really is contained in this power food so that we will have all the confidence to eat it, (can’t wait!)


Protein (obviously, haha)

If you start your weekday with cereal or toast instead of eggs, here’s a wake-up call: Did you know eggs have 6 grams of high-quality protein? And did you know a protein-packed breakfast helps sustain mental and physical energy throughout the day? That’s good news, especially if you’re a body-building chess champion. Eating adequate protein can help with weight loss, increase muscle mass, lower blood pressure and optimize bone health, to name a few ( 5, 6, 7)



Zero Carbs no Sugar

Eggs contain zero carbs and no sugar. That means you can eat a well-rounded breakfast during the week without feeling round yourself (got it?)


Has Choline.

Eggs are rich in choline, we know it’s is a weird word but it’s a “good weird word” because choline promotes normal cell activity, liver function and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body (8). Think of it as a commuter train for vitamins and minerals.


It Has No Gluten

Let’s not forget that eggs are naturally gluten-free (yeah) Always have been, always will be. And that’s awesome because there isn’t exactly a glut of gluten-free breakfast options.


It Has More Food for Thought.

Unlike most cereals and yogurt, eggs don’t come with a complicated, jam-packed ingredient list because they only contain one ingredient. It’s called “eggs.” and eggs are the least expensive source of high quality protein.


Here is a Simple Egg Recipe you can Enjoy


(Spicy Egg-Avocado Toast)


1 lg egg  
1 slice whole-wheat bread
½ avocado, sliced
1 watermelon radish, thinly sliced
Hot sauce

  • Bring a small saucepan with 2½ inches of water to a boil. Add egg and reduce heat to a bare simmer. Cook 11 minutes, then run under cool water. Crack and peel, then thinly slice.


  • slice whole-wheat bread; top with avocado, egg slices, and radish, seasoning each layer. 


  •  Add a few dashes of hot sauce and voila!


Incredible right?  Feel free and enjoy a maximum of 2 or 3 eggs (both whites and yolks) a day and when someone asks how you like your eggs, say “I like them a lot.” 


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…healthy foods, healthy lives.

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