Hello everyone! Have you ever seen this beautiful blue tea on the internet? Well,  green and black teas are common, but how about trying the blue tea? This variant not only gives you a good taste, but provides plenty of health benefits too. The blue butterfly pea tea is also called Anchan Tea, Color Changing Tea, Clitoria Tea, Thai Blue Tea, Blue Tea, Blue Chai (India) and Darwin Pea Tea in different parts of the world.  It is botanically names as Clitoria ternatea. It is actually a native drink of South East Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam made by boiling either the fresh blue butterfly pea flowers or dried blue butterfly pea flowers in water. Now this amazing blue tea is gaining popularity all over the world due to it’s amazing medicinal uses.



Butterfly pea flower is the flower of the clitoria ternatea plant (Asian pigeonwings) and can be found in the yards of houses, gardens and in the wild too. It generally has a bright blue flowers, but actually this plant also has different color variants such as pink, purple and white. The bright blue flower is used as a natural coloring in many recipes, as it is one of the most vivid blue colors to exist naturally in nature. The blue butterfly pea tea is said to be a caffeine-free herbal tea that has been brewed for centuries but only recently introduced to the drinkers outside the indigenous area. 

Did you know?

This blue tea may change color as soon as you add a dash of lemon juice or vitamin C powder; which means it turns into purple color as soon as the pH balance of the tea changes. On the other hand, if you add fuchsia roselle hibiscus, color changes to bright red color. Interesting right? 



Flavor of The Blue Tea

The flavor of the blue tea is said to be earthy and woody, more similar to a fine green tea. Now let us delve into the health benefits of this blue tea. 


Rich in Antioxidants

One of the most prominent benefits of drinking blue tea is that it has a lot of antioxidants. Anthocyanins are highly concentrated in the deep blue pigments of blue tea which contain higher level of antioxidants than many other food. Consuming antioxidant rich foods is vital for health, they fight off free radicals which are the primary reason for premature ageing of the body. (1) Hence, it is a good idea to detox the body once in a while with an antioxidant-rich drinks like blue tea.



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Perfect alternative health drink for students and high achievers at work who need a non-caffeinated energy boost to their memory processing and ease stress.



It Lower The Risk of Cancer

Regular consumption of blue tea also protects against cancer. Blue butterfly pea plant is one of those few plants that contain cyclotides or peptides which inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


It Boosts Brain Activity

Historically, the most popular use of the blue butterfly pea was used to promote memory and intelligence. Research has confirmed that consumption of this plant increases the level of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that is essential for proper brain function. Unfortunately, acetylcholine decreases with progress in age causing loss of memory and other problems. Consuming a brew from blue butterfly pea flower helps to reverse this process.


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It Treats Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression have become a prevailing fact these days. Stress levels have increased among the young population which is causing depression. The butterfly pea flower is known to have anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties (2). Regular consumption of it will by provide a calm, happy and peaceful effects.


It Improves Eyesight

Antioxidants (proanthocyanidin) in this flower are also known to improve blood flow in the capillaries of the eyes, thus improving vision and reducing the progress of cataracts.

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It has Anti Inflammatory Properties

Consumption of a cup of warm butterfly pea tea, it will bring down both the pain and inflammation. It can also provide relief from general pains like headaches.


It has Anti Diabetic Properties:

The blue tea is amazing for diabetic patients. It controls the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. A cup of blue butterfly tea taken in between meals will help regulate blood sugar levels and will keep your blood sugar levels steady till the next meal.

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Blue Butterfly Pea Tea Side Effects


This tea has fewer side effects. It also has been clinically proven to have very very low toxicity even when taken in large quantities. Though it is safe for consumption, I couldn’t find any study proving that it is safe for pregnant and breast feeding women so for them I would suggest to practice caution. If you do consume, do it only in moderation.


Why Not Give This Blue Tea a Try.


Aside all these amazing benefits, the blue butterfly pea flower makes quite an interesting cup of tea.  As you drop a few flowers (dried or fresh) into your mug and add some boiling water, the steep releases a vivid deep blue hue that is beautiful to watch.  




  • 2-6 Organic Dried Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers  (for a cup of tea)
  •  Lemon Juice (optional)
  • 1 tbsp Raw Honey or Stevia (optional)
  • Hot/Boiling  Water




For a light flavor, take only 2-3 organic dried butterfly pea flowers to one cup of tea, add boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, stir in the lemon juice, honey and enjoy.

However, for a stronger taste add 6 dried flowers to one cup of tea, steep for 15-20 minutes, stir in the lemon juice, honey and then sit back, feet up, gazing at your tea in peace as you sip to good health. 

Hot herbal tea is great first thing in the morning, it detoxes the digestive system and gets things moving.  As the afternoon and evening rolls in, you can chill some butterfly pea flower tea in ice cube trays and when ready,  plop a few in a tall glass of water for a refreshing and revitalizing boost.

Do let us know in the comment session below if you got your hands on blue tea, tell us if you loved it or not.


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